Wealden District Council to deploy drones

Wealden District Council Drone for City Planning

This post originally appeared on http://uckfieldnews.com/wealden-district-council-to-deploy-drones/.

[Editor’s Note: The planning department sees the drones being used for site presentations, planning enforcement, dangerous structures and asset management.]

Two drones have been bought by Wealden District Council.

They will be used by the planning department.

Officers are shortly to be trained in their operation, which is governed by strict rules.

The council has said “relevant protocols” on the operation of its drones will be drafted.

The council envisages a wide range of uses for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly described as drones.

It believes the aircraft will help with the site presentations for development schemes, planning enforcement, dangerous structures, asset management and fly tips.

Drones are unmanned aircraft and are flown without a human pilot on board. They are controlled by a person on the ground.

UAVs have a wide range of uses.

They are used by the military, by commercial operators, public authorities and private individuals.

Use was once confined to the armed services but they are now much more widely operated.

Information on the operation of drones (from the CAA)


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