Top 3 Coolest Tech Gadgets in the Construction Industry

Kespry Construction Drone

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[Editor’s Note: Kespry’s Automated Drone System is being used in Construction during planning and building.]

The construction industry has yet to be overrun by automation and robots. As admirable as it is to still see Americans physically working hard to make a living, its always nice to have a tool that makes the job a little bit easier. Workers need a tool that can be utilized to ease some strain and make them more efficient. That’s where these 3 tech gadgets come in.

  1. CAT S60 Smartphone

As a kid, didn’t you ever wish you had X-ray vision? Now, thanks to Caterpillar, your wish has been granted! This phone will actually let you see through walls! Alright so it’s not quite that simple, but it’s still really cool. The phone’s camera doubles as a thermal imaging device. This will give construction professionals the ability to easily spot leaks, drafts, studs, high load electrical lines, and just about anything else you can think of.

Not only does the S60 have x-ray vision, it’s also super durable and water resistant. This thing is designed to be used on the job. Checkout the video below to see the phone in action:

Want to learn more about the CAT S60? Click Here


  1. Kespry Drone

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but have you ever thought about using one on the job site? If not, then it’s definitely an idea worth considering. The uses and benefits of using a drone in the construction industry are practically endless. Use the UAV during the design and planning phase to create site plans, model renderings, contour maps, and site surveys. In the build phase, the drone can be used to monitor progress and inspect various areas of the project. Once the build is complete, document the project and create as-built surveys.

Kespry offers a platform built specifically for the construction professional. The drone can monitor hundreds of acres within a single, autonomous flight. That’s right, the machine will conduct an entire flight and survey automatically without needing any human intervention. All you have to do is plot the property you want to scan using Kespry’s app, then click a button, and the drone does the rest. The UAV even wirelessly uploads all of the data and information to it’s cloud platform for processing.

Learn more about the Kespry Drone.


  1. Cool Box

Even if you don’t find this next gadget practical for the job site, you’re bound to find a use for it somewhere. The Cool Box is the ultimate, all-in-one toolbox. It features a plethora of cool features including:

  • USB charging station
  • Rolling wheels
  • LED clock
  • Bottle opener
  • Extension cord and plug outlets
  • Water resistance
  • Magnetic lid
  • Stereo
  • Detachable LED lamp
  • White board
  • And plenty of storage space for your tools, parts, food and drinks, or fishing gear.

Use the Cool Box around the house, on the job, take it camping, bring it hunting or fishing, in the garage, or whatever else you may need it for. Click here to discover more about the Cool Box.


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