SkySpecs wins DOE contract for drone inspection of wind turbines

Drones for wind turbine inspection

[Editor’s Note: SkySpecs will collaborate with Sandia National Labs to validate blade damage data, which will help with developing machine learning algorithms.]

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SkySpecs of Ann Arbor will receive a Small Business Voucher from the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, according to U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell. SkySpecs deploys autonomous drones for inspections of wind turbines.

Working with Sandia National Labs, the project will focus on the validation of blade damage data to assist with the development of machine learning algorithms for automated identification and classification.

“SkySpecs is leading the way in the development of new technology that will improve renewable energy reliability,” said Dingell.

He added: “This collaboration with Sandia National Labs will help America transition toward cleaner forms of energy and help reduce greenhouse gases. Companies within southeastern Michigan continue to innovate and improve technologies that will ensure America is a leader in renewable energy.”

The Energy Department’s Small Business Vouchers are a collaborative, national effort that provide $20 million for U.S. companies. The intent is to help improve industry awareness of national laboratory capabilities, and provide small and mid-size businesses access to the resources available within the national laboratory system.

“Sandia’s cutting-edge inspection techniques combined with our technology will dramatically improve wind-turbine inspections,” said SkySpecs’ CEO Danny Ellis. “The SBV program allows SkySpecs to access Sandia’s expertise and, ultimately, produce a more powerful solution because of our collaboration. Our team is looking very forward to the opportunity.”



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