Orange, iMinds, Rombit launch drones project in Antwerp port

Antwerp Port using Drones

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[Editor’s Note: Drone Case Studies will be focused on video surveillance and infrastructure inspection.]

Orange Belgium, iMinds and Rombit launched a drones project in the port of Antwerp during which new IoT applications will be implemented and tested significantly to optimise the daily operation of the port. This project was launched as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Named Agile (Adoptive Diverse Gateways for Multiple Environments), the project aims to develop an Internet of Things platform that is open, flexible and widely applicable by companies and entrepreneurs that wish to propose and test services. The three companies obtained European subsidies for this project.

With this project, the three partners aim to improve the safety and productivity of the port of Antwerp. Their goal is to better prepare the port for the future by using drones to conduct a wide range of measurements and scans.

Case studies will be conducted in the fields of video surveillance and inspection of infrastructure. Drones can quickly and accurately detect environmental irregularities, measure the quality of air and water at any time and immediately communicate the presence of unexpected obstacles on waterways. The drones are equipped with Orange Sims and communication will be ensured through Orange’s 4G/LTE network.


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