Lawn and Garden Industry using Drones

Drones for Mulch, Fertilizer and Soil and Compost.

[Editor’s Note: The Lawn and Garden industry is using drones to measure and track resources like mulch, fertilizer, chemicals, compost and soil. Using drones allows companies to save time and money, while increasing safety.]

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The Lawn & Garden industry is turning to aerial drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to help measure and track key resources like mulch, fertilizer, chemicals, compost and soil, saving time and money, while increasing safety.

Kespry’s autonomous drone system serves the entire lawn and garden production lifecycle…

  • Fertilizer Ore Mine Planning
  • Stockyard and Distribution Center Operations
  • Mulch, Soil and Compost Stockpile/Windrow Inventory Management

Drones to Manage Mulch Inventory

The Kespry drone system is used to manage inventory levels of mulch stockpiles…

  • At the beginning of the mulch stockpile process, timber and green-waste arrives on site and is time-stamped by Kespry aerial flights.
  • The raw materials are converted into grinding piles, then the Kespry aerial data can be used to automatically calculate mulch pile volumes.
  • Companies have increased mulch inventory visibility and reduced third-party surveyor costs, as well as improved worker safety.

Drones for Fertilizer Mining Management

The Kespry automated drone system helps fertilizer ore exploration, planning, mine management and operations, and inventory of stockpiles….

  • During mine exploration, Kespry’s initial flights quickly determine site conditions and topography contributing to detailed mine planning design.
  • Once Operations begin, the Kespry Cloud provides visualization tools such as PDF overlays to show geologic boreholes, directional drill holes and mine property boundaries, eliminating the need for additional software.
  • When production is active, companies use the Kespry system to inventory and calculate volumes of gypsum, potash, phosphate, kaolin, and other lawn and garden piles.

Soil and Compost Management with Drones

In the soil and compost industry, windrowed soils, or compost windrows are inventoried by the Kespry Drone System…

  • Kespry aerial data can be used to automatically calculate soil and compost volumes.
  • Workers stay safe on the ground and the Kespry Drone files intelligently above all operations.
  • Plant managers quickly receive automatically processed flight data used to evaluate windrow volumes, locations and curing stage cycles.

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