Harris County Flood Control District testing drones for surveying

Drones for flood surveys being used by Harris County Flood Control District

[Editor’s Note: In addition to making the inspection process safer, the data will also be helpful for other tasks, including identifying plant stress.]

This post originally appeared on http://www.khou.com/news/local/harris-county-flood-control-district-testing-drones-for-surveying/322020041.

Drones could be the next weapon against flooding in the Houston area.

The Harris County Flood Control District is testing them as a way to conduct flood control surveys. The drones inspect what’s on the ground in specific locations.

The drones will help the flood control district:

  • Make the inspection process safer for inspectors who often need to access waterways and enter remote, overgrown areas.
  • Cover more ground in a work day, as compared to boots-on-the-ground inspections.
  • Utilize different image-capturing capabilities to identify plant stress, and quantify success of site stabilization and tree planting sites. These tasks help to determine when a project has been successfully completed by a contractor, or to identify contractor performance issues.

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