Halifax companies return from Ecuador after earthquake drone mission

Ecuador Earthquakes Drone Mission

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[Editor’s Note: 3D models and survey maps were created.]

Two Halifax companies, Aerovision and Waterford Energy, have returned home from the site of the earthquake that shook Ecuador on April 16, saying they successfully completed a drone mission.

A team of three people, Trevor Bergmann, Jean Racine and Braydon Berggren, flew to Ecuador on April 30 to survey earthquake damage and train Global Medic personnel in the use of a new high-end drone that they had recently purchased.

“I would do it again,” Bergmann said, adding that within 72 hours of Aerovision’s offer being accepted, thirteen bags were packed and the three had said good-bye to their families.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake, happened 27 kilometres from the town of Muisne. 272 people were killed and another 2,527 were injured.

The original plan was to assess a liquid natural gas plant for damage after the earthquake, but when the team arrived, the Ecuadorian government requested that Bergmann and his team photograph, videotape and map infrastructure damage to residential, office and government buildings.

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“Drones used by qualified operators for the right reason is the direction we are taking. We try to set a good example for the public,” said Bergmann.

Bergmann told Global News the trio inspected various structures, uploaded the media and created 3D modeling and survey maps — all within a six hour time frame.

“My main concern was the stability of the buildings around us,” said Bergmann.

“Aftershocks, averaging 4.5 magnitude, occurred 16 times before they left on May 11.”

The group was invited by Global Medic, a company that provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters.

All three men volunteered their time during the 10 day project and Waterford Energy sponsored the flight and baggage expense for the trio.

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