Google’s parent company will begin testing delivery drones in the US

Google Delivery Drones Testing in the US

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[Editor’s Note: Project Wing will test at one of the six research centers set up by the Federal Aviation Administration.]

“(Drones) are an industry that is moving at the speed of Silicon Valley”, Huerta said. Interior’s fleet also will receive new payloads in 2017, allowing them to operate missions normally flown by manned aircraft.

Announced at the event was the allocation of $35 million in research funding by the National Science Foundation over the next five years to study the beneficial applications of drones for disaster response, agricultural monitoring, the study of severe storms and other uses.

Should the Federal Aviation Administration’s examination prove the unmanned mail service as reliable, the potential use for drones will greatly expand for both infrastructure and the private sector in the US, Bloomberg reports. “The only limit to this technology is our imagination”.

The state of NY is also getting in on the public-sector drone expansion with a $5 million initial investment in drone design and manufacturing efforts in the Empire State, announced in today’s White House statement. The work, which will focus on encouraging good citizenship in operation and collaboration between and across industry and government, will help ensure safe integration of sUAS in the layer of airspace under 400 feet.

However, the Northern Plains UAS Test Site in North Dakota will begin conducting beyond visual line of sight UAS flights, the White House said Tuesday.

But in the wake of the White House announcement of efforts to boost drone use and voluntary efforts on privacy, Markey called for more. The rules do not deal with privacy, but the FAA and DOT strongly encourage UAS pilots to check local and state laws before gathering info via remote sensing or photography.

In addition, the Future of Privacy Forum, Intel, and PrecisionHawk released a new report, “Drones and Privacy by Design: Embedding Privacy Enhancing Technology in Unmanned Aircraft“. “They must also be confident that the information drones gather and process is protected and processed in ways that respect their privacy”.

The Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team will include representatives from the drone and aviation industry; this team will analyze safety data from drones and attempt to mitigate safety concerns.

On Tuesday, the White House announced a series of initiatives to promote integrating drones into daily life and business across the US.

Project Wing will work at one of the six research centers set up by the Federal Aviation Administration for drone tests and its data “will be shared with government partners to help regulators answer critical safety and human factor questions for (drone) cargo delivery operations”, a White House statement said.

The FAA is scheduled to publish a rule for Operations of Small Unmanned Aircraft Over People by the end of 2016.


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