Eye On Ag: Drones And Farming

Drone for agriculture

[Editor’s Note: Drones help farmers know whether their plants need more or less water.]

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As drones continue to evolve, they have become a useful tool in the ag industry, and a local company is helping farmers to do more, with less.

For Mark Hull, who owns Exeter-based All Drone Solutions, he said drones are taking Ag and farmer’s ability to the next level.

“They are responsible for picking up red light, green light, blue light, near infrared,” said Hull.

Through special lenses, some of which are developed and created in Clovis, the drone can create a map that tells farmers whether their plants need more or less water, and if the farmer can get away with using less fertilizers, and still produce a healthy crop.

Fertilizing company owner James Henderson recently started using drones to test out his products.

“Sometimes, seeing plant response is a challenge to see with your eye, and so we want to see with all the different kind of camera technology, all the actual plant response that was there,” said Henderson.

The cost of having crops surveyed by a drone can cost between $5-$10, per acre.

“We can fly this field, and deliver this digitally the same day, and they can even get a print out the follow day,” said Hull.

The technology is not only helping farmers do more with less, but they are also creating a whole new homegrown business.


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