Drones set to fly over Camel Golf Resort in Japan

Rakuten Golf Course Delivery Drone

This post originally appeared on http://www.golf-swinger.com/2016/04/27/drones-set-to-fly-over-camel-golf-resort-in-japan-when-a-new-delivery-service-begins-a-trial-in-may/.

[Editor’s Note: Golfers will use an Android app to order products for delivery by drone.]

Drones set to fly over Camel Golf Resort in Japan when a new delivery service begins a trial in May.

Japanese electronic commerce and internet company Rakuten has released video footage of how their new golf course drone delivery service will work when a trial begins next month.

The Sora Raku drone delivery service will begin its one month trial at Camel Golf Resort on May 9 and will be able to deliver up to 2kg of golf balls, equipment and snacks to golfers at pick-up points on the course.

Golfers will use a dedicated Android application to order their products and can pay with either a credit card or Rakuten’s ‘Super Points’.

The newly-released video shows a user requesting an order, albeit in Japanese, the hole they are playing and, after a confirmation message, the order is sent to a delivery point and is packed and sent away on a drone.

The product is then dropped by the drone at a dedicated pick-up point and makes its own way back to the packing area.

The Tenku drone used for the trial was specifically developed by Rakuten and Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory LTD and includes a load-release feature, autopilot system and image recognition technology.

Once the trial is complete, Rakuten will look to continue at Camel Golf Resort or potentially expand the service to other courses throughout Japan.

However, the company has a long term vision for the project.

“Rakuten hopes to provide a new shopping experience and make drones more widely accepted among customers,” the company wrote in a recent press release.


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