Drones and robots make solar panels more efficient

Drones for designing and planning solar farms

[Editor’s Note: The data captured by drones helps developers compare potential sites and evaluate custom configurations to optimize the available space.]

This post originally appeared on http://www.onlinetes.com/article/solar-panel-cleaning-with-drones-manufacturing-design-100316/.

New York, New York – Robots are infiltrating warehouses , classrooms , farms , and citystreets. Now, they are making themselves useful in the renewable energy industry. SunPower Corporation, a solar cellmanufacturer headquartered in Silicon Valley, will use robots and drones to make solar power plants more efficient.

The company is starting construction on its new Oasis power plants in North America and China during the next several weeks. In this new generation of power plants, project design is automated using drones and software. The drones fly over a site to gather data, and then the software creates and evaluates thousands of designs and recommends the best options. This way, developers can easily compare potential sites, and customized configurations can make the most out of the available space.

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