Drones Measuring Forestry Stockpiles

Timber stack Forestry Drone Inspection

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[Editor’s Note: Drones are being used to measure forestry stockpiles, from logs and lumber to woodchips and sawdust.]

Drones for Forestry Industry

Forestry Compost Stockpile Drone

Drones are being used by forestry companies to survey and measure timber stockpile materials, everything from logs and sawn lumber, to woodchips and sawdust, as well as biomass and lawn & garden stockpiles. These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) replace the need to rely on third-party surveyors, which can save forestry companies time and money, while increasing worker safety.

Kespry is a provider of automated drone systems that are actively in use at large mining and construction companies to measure stockpile inventories of aggregate, cement and construction materials. That same drone technology is being applied to the forestry industry to automatically measure the size, volume and value of forestry stockpiles and distribution yards.

Learn how Whitaker Contracting is using a Kespry drone and saving 22% while measuring their stockpiles 2X more frequently and spending 4X less time.


Forestry Woodchips Stockpile Drone

Measure any Forestry Stockpile

Automatically measure any forestry stockpile, from timber stockpiles like trees, logs, sawn lumber, to paper stockpiles like woodchips, sawdust, pulp, to biomass stockpiles like bark, sawdust, charcoal, as well as, lawn and garden stockpiles like compost, woodchips and commercial fertilizer.

Any forestry material that’s stacked in large piles can be quickly measured by an aerial drone with images that use photogrammetry to accurately determine the elevation and size of the pile in seconds.


How It Works

1. Drone automatically flies over forestry stockpiles in minutes – The Kespry drone system is completely automated. Companies can fly over a 50 acre site with hundreds of timber, lumber and woodchip stockpiles in less than 20 minutes.

2. Aerial data is automatically uploaded and processed – Kespry’s online cloud reporting automatically and quickly turns stockpile sites into aerial maps with contours, elevations, and 3D models, making it easy to share images and models with teams online.

3. Stockpile measurement in less than a minute – Measure any stockpile online, including the perimeter, area and volume for each stockpile. Whether you’re measuring timber, biomass or fertilizer stockpiles, it just takes a few clicks. The stockpile density and cost factors can be entered to calculate stockpile weight and value, which is ideal for stockpile inventory reports.

Manage Forestry Distribution Yards

Forestry Lumberyard Stockpile Drone

As forestry materials are converted into commercial and consumer products, such as sawn lumber, woodchips, fertilizer and charcoal, aerial drones can be used at large distribution yards to quickly measure the amount of material available across hundreds of stockpiles and thousands of pallets of packaged products.

Having access to the current volumes of materials on a daily or weekly basis will improve distribution logistics, making these distribution centers more efficient and cost effective.


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