Drone World Expo Conference Speakers Announced

Drone World Expo Speakers

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[Editor’s Note: Drone World Expo will have speakers from several great organizations including Google[x], NASA, Ocean Alliance and CNN.]

The Drone World Expo conference program will once again provide a road map for the application and deployment of drone solutions and key insights for participants into how to measure and maximize on the value drones can add to commercial businesses.

Speakers include representatives from CNN, U.S. Department of the Interior, Google[x], Ocean Alliance, NASA, FOX Sports, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, ABC News, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department, Clayco.

The conference will feature a wide array of panels and workshops that will dig into the most pressing issues: the current regulatory environment, safety and security, making sense of market forecasts, data management and cyber security, the investment climate, the realities of drone delivery and much more.

DWE Conference

Case Studies include: Drones in Newsgathering; Drones for Law Enforcement; Drones in Construction; Drones for Live and Taped Production; Drones in the Field and Orchard; Commercial Drones and Mining Customers; Drones for Emergency Management and Catastrophe Response; Drones and the Water Utility Industry; Drones for Oil & Gas; Drones and the Department of Transportation.

The current list of sessions and speakers is available here.

DWE offers COMPLIMENTARY full conference passes to qualified end-users.

Visit this link to register.

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