Drone Festival ready to take off over Hobart this weekend

Drone Festival Hobart

[Editor’s Note: Bob Hardy, rotary spokesman, shared that the festival is focused on inspiring young people to become involved in the drone industry.]

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THE State’s booming drone industry will be on display at Australia’s first ever dedicated Drone Festival tomorrow at Lauderdale Primary School.

Among them will be software engineer Maciej Matuszak’s circular drone that is leading the field in mine safety.

The small drone’s sensors can detect structural weakness and assess the safety of old and disused mine shafts.

While it is yet to go into production, the early stages of the prototype have already proved successful for the software engineer.

“With a wave of new technology we can dig deeper into old mine sites to extract more but we don’t know how safe the old sites are,” said Mr Matuscak.

“The drone means that we can assess the shafts without risking any lives.”

The festival will treat audiences to displays, active flying demonstrations and the opportunity to hear first-hand from operators of commercial and research drones from University of Tasmania, CSIRO, the Defence Department and commercial businesses.

“The festival is great for the industry – it’s particularly an opportunity to engage students and try and get fresh minds involved,” said Mr Matuszak.

Rotary spokesman Bob Hardy said the festival was focused on inspiring young people to get involved in the industry.

The festival kicks off at 10am. Entry is free.


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