How Commercial Drones Are Changing Industry

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[Editor’s Note: Ryan Mac from Forbes spoke with Kespry’s CEO, Paul Doersch, about the new FAA regulations.]

The FAA has unveiled new commercial drone regulations today. That’s perfect timing for this week’s episode of The Premise podcast, where we’re focused on drones in the enterprise. Lots of industries you wouldn’t expect are using drones, including the insurance and construction industries.

We talked to Paul Doersch, CEO of Kespry, a statup that designs and builds autonomous drones for industry, about the use of drones. He’s particularly excited at the prospect of new FAA regulations, calling them a possible inflection point for the commercial drones industry. The current regulatory environment, he says, creates an “artificial friction” he hopes the new regulations will solve.

The company also announced on the podcast that it’s raised $16 million in funding. Read more about that here.

We also talked to Jonathan Downey, CEO of Airware, a software and analytics company specializing in data from drones. He talked about how the data that drones gather is changing industries, likening drone applications to current industry to what spreadsheets were in the early days of PCs.

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Listen to Kespry CEO Paul Doersch explain the opportunities for his business and others in the enterprise drone space on this week’s edition of “The Premise:” 

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