Clean Solar Solutions Drone Surveys Take Off With Cleandrone

Drone Solar Panel Inspection

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[Editor’s Note: Drones are being used to survey solar farms to see if they need cleaning.]

Clean Solar Solutions are glad to have formed a drone surveying partnership with Swansea based Cleandrone.  Drone surveying is quickly becoming the preferred method of immediate faultfinding on utility scale solar farms.

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Drone surveying is a value for money method of faultfinding that can quickly and efficiently survey large amounts of solar panels, whilst at the same time, providing real time data, reporting and images which provides an accurate picture of how a solar farm is performing.

Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions comments “As the demands of asset owners increase, so do the services that O&M providers need to give.  We are glad to have partnered with Cleandrone so that we can expand our O&M offering.  We have previously offered a thermal imaging service on rooftop arrays simultaneously as we clean the solar panels.  Now, we can survey solar farms to see if they need cleaning and after we have cleaned the solar panels, we can again use the drone to prove the benefit that the cleaning has brought.  To partner with a company like Cleandrone is an excellent addition to our O&M package.”

A video of the drone in action and the benefits of drone thermography are discussed in more detail on our solar thermography page.  If you would like a quotation for a thermal survey using either the drone or our handheld thermal cameras, please contact us.


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