house painting drone

This Drone Can Paint Your House Better Than You Can

[Editor’s Note: In addition to painting houses, Appelix sees their drones being used to de-ice planes, fumigate ships and coat above ground storage tanks.] Source: TECH Insider By: Paul Szoldra A drone can probably paint your house better than you do — and it won’t end up falling off the ladder. Florida-based startup Apellix developed […]

How Drones Are Transforming The Way You Shop For Real Estate

[Editor’s Note: Drones are helping insurers and commercial roofers find damage.] Source: FastCompany By: Neal Ungerleider Photo: Flickr user Christopher Michel Your local real-estate agent might have a new trick up their sleeve very soon: Using drones for aerial photography of sprawling properties. The practice is increasingly commonplace in other countries, and the national trade […]