Drones for blood delivery

These Blood-Filled Drones Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare

[Editor’s Note: Timothy Amukele, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, shared that in the future, he hopes that a first responder will be able to test a victim’s blood at the scene of an accident and immediately request a drone to deliver the correct blood product.]

Using drones for blood delivery

Doctors Test Drones To Speed Up Delivery Of Lab Tests

[Editor’s Note: Timothy Amukele, assistant professor of pathology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, shared his research paper titled “Can Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) Be Used for the Routine Transport of Chemistry, Hematology, and Coagulation Laboratory Specimens?”, here.]

Commercial Drones

7 Interesting Ways Drones Are Being Used in 2016

This post originally appeared on http://tech.co/interesting-ways-drones-used-2016-08. [Editor’s Note: Drones are being used in many industries, including Agriculture, Emergency Relief, Environmental Conservation and Infrastructure Maintenance.] There’s a palpable frenzy of trepidation and excitement surrounding the subject of drones. On the one hand, they seem like amazing futuristic toys that we all hoped would one day be available. […]

Vayu Drone Medicine Delivery

UAS Deployed to Improve Health Care Delivery in Madagascar

[Editor’s Note: Stony Brook University Medical Center partnered with Vayu, a drone startup focused on transporting blood, stool and tissue samples.] For those who live in rural communities with poor or non-existent roads, it’s difficult to get the health care and medical supplies they need. With the help of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and the researchers […]

fortis organ drone delivery

Fortis mulls use of drones for heart transplants

[Editor’s Note: The Fortis Hospital is exploring using drones for transporting hearts between locations. They hope to reduce the time it presently takes due to traffic congestion in Mumbai.] The Fortis hospital in Mulund here is planning to collaborate with IIT-Bombay to employ drones to transport hearts in case of transplants in a bid to […]

Flirtey Medicine Delivery

Drone Maker Preps Drug Mission for Disaster Relief

[Editor’s Note: Flirtey is planning to provide the service for free to medical organizations, like Johns Hopkins and the American Red Cross.] By Stephanie Beasley July 18 — One of the toughest tasks emergency responders face during natural disasters is transporting medical supplies when roads are flooded or destroyed. Drones could eradicate those barriers by delivering the […]

san francisco drone delivery startup zipline

Africa’s future up in the air

[Editor’s Note: Zipline’s drones, called Zips, can carry up to 1.5 kilograms of medicine.] Amazon Prime Air hopes to eventually dispatch parcels to customers via drones in the United States but across Africa the skies will soon be buzzing as aerial delivery gets underway. Drones are now being used routinely for pipeline and rig inspections in […]

google medical equipment delivery drone

Google patent points to device for controlling drones with onboard medical equipment

[Editor’s Note: Self-Driving cars are mentioned as an alternate method of deployment.] Drones have become very popular among consumers over the last few years, with various applications mainly in photography and videography, but their potential suggests that there soon could be a slew of additional uses that normal people could benefit from. Particularly, drones could turn […]

Malawi tests drone delivery system to slash wait times for HIV diagnosis

[Editor’s Note: Challenging roads and poor transportation often result in months of delays. California drone company, Matternet, is providing the drones for the trials in Malawi.] With its four tiny rotors spinning, a drone is zipping above Malawi’s village rooftops this week in the early testing of an experimental high-speed delivery system for HIV diagnosis. […]