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Nebraska cornfields become new frontiers for drone storytelling

[Editor’s Note: More than 60 journalists attended the three day Drone Journalism Bootcamp.] This post originally appeared on http://current.org/2016/08/nebraska-cornfields-become-new-frontiers-for-drone-storytelling/. How fitting that our flight to Lincoln, Neb., to attend the Drone Journalism Bootcamp was diverted to Kansas City due to a thunderstorm. It says a lot about the uncertainties of airspace, especially in the Midwest. But we finally […]

First-ever drone journalism bootcamp trains South African reporters

First-ever drone journalism bootcamp trains South African reporters

This post originally appeared on https://ijnet.org/en/blog/first-ever-drone-journalism-bootcamp-trains-south-african-reporters. [Editor’s Note: South African Newsrooms are running out of resources to do investigative pieces that involve sensor or mapping journalism. A few story examples include tracking mine dump radiation to estimating crowds at protests.] When and how can drones be used to improve storytelling? What are the rules that apply in different […]

Drone Journalism

What does the future of drone journalism look like? A 3-day boot camp might have the answer

This post originally appeared on http://www.poynter.org/2016/what-does-the-future-of-drone-journalism-look-like-a-3-day-boot-camp-might-have-the-answer/423362/. [Editor’s Note: Bootcamp attendees include journalism educators, sports editors, local broadcasters and major international news organizations.] Matt Waite gets calls from news organizations all the time looking for an answer to the following question: Can I do this with my drone? “Often, what they’re interested in doing is just absolutely not […]

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Broadcast TV Drone Launched at SXSW

[Editor’s Note: Mini weighs less than 4.4lbs and will provide live content for news and sports.] Amongst the music and films that make up the annual South by Southwest  Festival, New York-based startup Aerobo will launch its new Micro Unmanned Aerial System that it says it specifically designed for the broadcast TV industry. The drone will […]