Mahad Sand Mining Drones

Mahad lessons: govt. to use drones, boats to check sand mining around two bridges

This post originally appeared on   [Editor’s Note: Drones and speedboats will be used by the government for patrolling.]   The Mahad bridge collapse has forced the Maharashtra government to take serious note of illegal sand mining around two old bridges at Virar and Saphale.   The State on Saturday decided to extend prohibitory orders […]

UAV Bridge Inspection Demonstration Project Gets State Innovation Award

[Editor’s Note: The project showed that using drones for inspecting bridges improved safety and reduced work time.] The MnDOT Office of Aeronautics and Aviation was recognized last month for the drone research project that also involved the Office of Bridge and Structures and MnDOT Research Services. The Humphrey School of Public Affairs, in partnership with the Bush Foundation, presented a State Government Innovation […]

Drone Monitors Bridge Construction Progress

New drone videos offer rare look at East End Bridge construction

[Editor’s Note: Drones were used to capture bridge construction progress.] With the East End Bridge now just a few months away from opening, significant progress is being made on the bridge and its connector roads and tunnels. To show just how far construction crews have come, the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project released three […]

Taipei Drone Bridge Inspection

Drones to inspect bridges

[Editor’s Note: The bridges need to be inspected once every two years. The Institute of Transportation sees drones as being a faster, safer and more efficient solution.] With more than 2,000km of bridge infrastructure nationwide, workers previously had to climb bridges to carry out inspections at high cost and personal risk. The Institute of Transportation […]

Commercial Drones Oil and Gas

Companies Are Turning Drones into a Competitive Advantage

This post originally appeared on [Editor’s Note: American Railroad BNSF partnered with the FAA to test drones for bridge inspection and air quality monitoring.] Armed with an array of sensors, commercial drones are about to become a new source for digital information. We expect the drone market to surge to nearly $7 billion by 2020 globally, […]

Drone Bridge Inspection

The Technology That Promises to Save America’s Decaying Infrastructure

[Editor’s Note: Drones being used to inspect infrastructure without closing traffic lanes or putting workers in dangerous situations.] If “electronic bumblebees” can cut costs and keep workers safe, then why aren’t more governments using them? On an evening in August 2007, Minneapolis commuters sat in rush-hour traffic on the I-35 highway bridge that spanned the […]