Nepal Drone UAViators

This is How Nepalis are Using Drones for Humanitarian & Environmental Projects

[Editor’s Note: WeRobotics is focused on accelerating the use of robotics to solve humanitarian challenges.] In September 2015, we were invited by our partner Kathmandu University to provide them and other key stakeholders with professional hands-on training to help them scale the positive impact of their humanitarian efforts following the devastating earthquakes. More specifically, our partners were […]

Drone Blood Sample Delivery Malawi

Using drones to save lives in Malawi

[Editor’s Note: Drone company Matternet is working with UNICEF to deliver blood samples.]   By Karen Allen   Southern Africa correspondent, BBC News   15 March 2016 A drone is being tested to see if it can carry blood samples to the laboratory It started with an aeroplane journey back in 2014. “I knew nothing […]

GlobalMedic Humanitarian Drones

How a Canadian team’s drones are changing search and rescue

[Editor’s Note: Drone data helps GlobalMedic locate and assess damaged buildings, as well as, decide which assets should be deployed.] After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake ripped through Ecuador’s coastal region last month, Toronto-based GlobalMedic answered the call for aid with a posse of drones, which can survey, map and pinpoint damage as well as the location of survivors. The group’s […]