Drones for measuring biomass

Drones create 3D maps to demonstrate carbon storage

This post originally appeared on http://www.sciencewa.net.au/topics/technology-a-innovation/item/4334-drones-create-3d-maps-to-demonstrate-carbon-storage. [Editor’s Note: Landgate senior research officer and project coordinator, Simon Abbott, shared that in the past measuring carbon stored in biomass has been very labor intensive.]

Planting trees via drones

This post originally appeared on http://pamplinmedia.com/sl/311316-186588-planting-trees-via-drones. [Editor’s Note: DroneSeed’s CEO, Grant Canary, noted that reforesting after harvests is a $452 million business annually in the Pacific Northwest alone.] Grant Canary says planting forests is 100 years behind the times. His Beaverton-based company, DroneSeed, is flying to the rescue. Using a small air force of teched-out drones, […]

Timber stack Forestry Drone Inspection

Drones Measuring Forestry Stockpiles

This post originally appeared on http://www.kespry.com/forestry-drones. [Editor’s Note: Drones are being used to measure forestry stockpiles, from logs and lumber to woodchips and sawdust.] Drones for Forestry Industry Drones are being used by forestry companies to survey and measure timber stockpile materials, everything from logs and sawn lumber, to woodchips and sawdust, as well as biomass […]

BioCarbon Tree Planting Drone

This Startup Wants To Plant One Billion Trees a Year Using Drones

[Editor’s Note: BioCarbon was founded by a former NASA engineer, Lauren Fletcher.] Deforestation downs 10 billion trees around the globe annually. Replanting trees by hand is slow, expensive, and barely puts a dent in reversing the damage. But one startup wants to use drones that can reforest our increasingly tree-strapped Earth, on a big enough scale […]