Cambridge academy at heart of drone pilot training

Cambridge UAV Academy CUAVA drone training

[Editor’s Note: Cambridge UAV Academy (CUAVA) shared that they’re training local authorities, emergency services, blue chip companies, security companies and individuals.]

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Safety over the UK when commercial drones take to the sky en masse will be governed to a major extent by experts at a Cambridge cluster training business.

With Amazon ramping up activity from its Cambridge drones hub and other major companies trialling UAVs, a CAA-backed trainer in St Ives has become a central figure in the scale-up.

Cambridge UAV Academy (CUAVA) has become the sole recommended training partner of the UK’s largest register of professional drone pilots, Drone Safe Register.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority demands that professional drone pilots can only charge for their services if they possess a recognised qualification.

CUAVA is one of a very small number of official training companies recognised by the CAA and is therefore authorised to train pilots to the appropriate standard.

“Of all of the CAA-approved UAV training organisations, we believe CUAVA offers the best service and value for money,” says Mark Boyt, managing director of Drone Safe Register.

“They have a very broad range of courses for pilots, helping them to find work in specific areas like the creative industries, surveying, security, and the emergency services. CUAVA can be relied on to get any drone flying career off the ground.”

CUAVA has training centres in Cambridgeshire and Surrey as well as a mobile ground school that operates nationwide. Courses are conducted by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in commercial drone applications.

Drone Safe Register connects fully qualified and professional drone pilots with anyone wishing to hire a drone to carry out aerial work.
Before any Amazon drone pilot can operate legally, they will be required to gain the appropriate qualifications.

Located on Castle Park business estate in Cambridge, Amazon’s drone lab is arguably its biggest and most important in an international network. The special Amazon delivery drones will use GPS to find the address they need before flying there at heights of up to 400ft. Vigorous testing is underway.

CUAVA is already training a large number of drone pilots although client confidentiality prevents them from naming names. CUAVA trains local authorities, the emergency services, blue chip companies, security organisations, and individuals – from engineers through to individual hobbyists.

Many are returning or repeat customers as businesses and other organisations realise the benefit of using drones and the need to operate them legally.

Safety is one of the many reasons why it is illegal to operate a drone for commercial purposes without approval from the CAA. The authority requires proof that pilots wanting to operate commercially understand aviation restrictions and can handle their aircraft safely – amongst other things – so pilots wishing to operate commercially must obtain the sort of qualification that CUAVA offers.


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