Bird Control with Robotic Birds at Farnborough

robird drone

This post originally appeared on UAS VISION.


[Editor’s Note: Robirds come in two sizes, the Peregrine and the Bald Eagle, and can repel almost all species of birds.]

Clear Flight Solutions has passed the validation trials with is 800 gr. Robotic Peregrine Falcon (Robird) – A prerequisite for demonstration flights at Farnborough.

The Peregrine Falcon, together with the larger Bald Eagle, have been developed for bird control purposes. The Robirds where developed to closely mimic the unique scaring effect real birds of prey have on other birds. The natural response of birds is to fly up, flock together and run off as a group. After a short while, birds will start to recognize the area as the hunting area of birds of prey and will stay away. This can only be done with a flapping wing system (ornithopter), as birds on the ground recognize a hunting predator by its wing beat. They know that a gliding predator isn’t hunting. The two sizes of Robirds have been developed to repel practically all species of birds – the Peregrine for small to medium size birds and the Bald Eagle for larger birds. They are especially functional at airports due to the flocking response of birds as with the Robirds can keep the birds away from the runway.

Clear Flight Solutions of the Netherlands, together with its British partner 3iC and its French partner Pilgrim Technology, will be showing their Robirds at the Farnborough International Airshow 2016 and can be found in the outside exhibit area near the threshold of runway 24.


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