Aerial Agriculture: It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Farming Drone?

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[Editor’s Note: Drones are a perfect tool for Precision Agriculture. A recent study from Nesta, which included Survey Drones, showed that when it comes to Precision Agriculture, an almost 20% increase in income is possible.]


Farming and technology have been together in the fields for decades, however a newer form of technology is now allowing farmers and growers to get a look at their land like they’ve never seen it before.

Unmanned aircrafts, or drones, have been in flight for some time now.

They’re mostly flown for fun or to capture pictures and video from a bird’s eye view.

The drone industry is quickly making its way into the agriculture industry and those images from the sky are proving quite beneficial.

With an infrared camera, the AgEagle Aerial System’s RX60 UAV is surveying the land, checking crop health, and accessing areas of stress.

All the while, transmitting the data to a tablet.

“We’re getting real-time information on how the crop is doing. So we’re finding that stress that even our naked eyes can’t see,” said Kyle Miller, AgEagle’s Chief Agronomist.

This technology is replacing the in-field work an agronomist used to have to do.

“The agronomist used to walk in, through the field, kind of cut where he thought the problems were going to be,” said Miller. “But now, we really know where the problems are before he goes and walks in.”

It’s this type of technology that Ag experts say can revolutionize the farming industry.

“The camera itself can detect issues in the field a couple weeks before you can see something with the naked eye. So it lets you get in front of the issues so at the end of the day, you’re not going to lose any yield,” said Ryan Molitor, Customer Experience Manager at Raven Industries.

Raven Industries’ Applied Technology division will be the exclusive worldwide distribution partner for AgEagle Aerial Systems.


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