$127bn Worth Of Human Labor and Services Could Be Replaced By Drones

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[Editor’s Note: According to a report by PwC, drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor and services in the future. According to the report, infrastructure will see the biggest benefit from drones.]

We had previously reported how robots could replace human jobs one day. In fact it has been estimated that 5 million jobs could be replaced by robots in 2020. However it seems that not only do we have to worry about robots taking our jobs, but we will also now need to worry about drones replacing some jobs as well.

According to a report recently released by PwC, they have estimated by commercial applications for drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor and services in the “very near future”. According to PwC’s report, they have indicated that the infrastructure will benefit from drones the most, such as energy, railway, and oil and gas.

This is followed by agriculture, transport, security, media and entertainment, insurance, telecommunication, and mining. Off the top of our heads, companies such as Amazon and postal services in other countries are running trials in which drones will be used to help deliver packages. As drones don’t have the need to be stuck in traffic and can cut across roads easily, we can imagine that they could replace the need for post men and women.

Also recently the police in Paris have requested for drones to be used as a means to watch the crowd, thus reducing the need for actual boots on the ground unless needed. Media and entertainment is obvious since fixing a video camera to a drone will allow for aerial shots without the need to hire a helicopter and a crew, but what do you guys think? Do you think we should be worried yet?

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